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Please neglect the terrible Chinese translation of the movie title <三傻大闹宝莱坞>,which made me think of its related to comedy or something and feel so bored about this movie two years ago. And to tell you the truth, according to the answers of most people, it will guide you in a wrong a way due to the Chinese title. Until now, I have watched this fabulous movie produced by Indian Movie Factory. I was so struck dumb with surprise and there is no words could describe it. Yes, I have to say, this horrible Chinese movie title nearly destroy this splendid film. 伊夫ryone should and ought to see the movie 3 IDIOTS by your heart. Because it just like a person who can bring the best in you in a way that you never fully realized on your own. Honestly, I was touched deeply by it and really would like to share my feelings with on it with all of you.
Here we go. Firstly, the movie 3 IDIOTS is basically adaption of Chetan Bhagat’s bestseller debut novel 5 Point Someone, thought he is credited in Titles producer says it is an original story, which for seems impossible because more than 80% of movie is based on book. I have to thank the intelligent writer very much, it is him who gave me a chance to refresh myself.
I prefer to call this movie THE PURSUIT OF DREAM rather than 3 IDIOTS. Why? Because this film is around dream, around the young people’s dream with pure mind although the headmaster “virus” always regard these 3 university students as big idiots in this movie’s story. Actually, the director of this film used the way of sarcasm to let the whole story against the bad sides of exsiting society. So in other words, the headmaster in the film is a very idiot.
Secondly, I call it THE PURSUIT OF DREAM, probably some people would associate with the movie THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. You are right每周影评,年度low片王中王。! I really want everyone to think over the word Dream just they do on the Happiness. Most people say these two movies have a same theme that tell us a belief of life and we should struggle for life. Certainly, we all young people have dreams in our heart and we put a lot of effort into realizing it. However, facing the reality, we have no choice but to follow the orders asked by exsiting education system, which force us to abandon our dreams. What a pity!
I am sure all of you have been asked the question when you were a child like this “what are you going to be in the future? Doctor, lawyer or a scientist?” And do you still remember your answer at that time? Have you been reached your goals? Probably we need to think it over and over again. Someone likes playing football, so his answer is to be a football player in the future; someone loves playing the piano, so to be a musician is his or her dream.
 As we all know that people who shows much interests in their hobbies will get more happiness through it. And because of the true happiness from the bottom of heart, they could go forward on the way of achieving goals. BUT, the exsiting education system ruined our dream into pieces. Like the story performed in this movie, Farhan, a young boy who is very keen on photography and eager to formally request to become Rinstaph’s pupil. He always has a mind that one day he could as successful as Rinstaph, a Dutch man who is famous for photography all of the world. However, although Farhran has great aspiration, there is no other way for him to choose but to be a yes-man in front of his parents and the dead end exsiting education system. How poor Farhran is! And what can he do? The only way to be successful is breaking the traditional rules! The only way to realize his dream is breaking the exsiting education system! We don’t need the to be No.1, we don’t need to get high marks, we don’t need the knowledge from the cramming method of teaching! Just like the famous saying said by Rancho in this movie “All you have been fell into the crap of competition, what it brings to you when get No.1? Nothing! This is a university, not a pressure cooker!” So marvelous words that hit my head deeply. That’s right, we have to fight for the pursuit of dream instead of being a bird without wings.
Thirdly, every time, when I capture the scene that Farhran, Raju and Rancho who are thought of 3 idiots are struggling to reach their goals under great pressure, I would cry. I cry for their courage that question the efficiency of exsiting education system, and I cry for their courage that realize their dreams persistently.
At last, I would like to emphasize the positive sides of this movie, which will give us a big map on how can we realize our dream and insist on our dreams. It is a movie that taught us we ought to fight for dreams instead of always being a yes-man in front of difficulties. Born to win!  

For my movie review this week, I gathered up the courage to venture Into the Wild.


Directed by Sean Penn, Into the Wild is based on a true story and tells the tale of an adventurous young man, Christopher McCandless. After graduating from Emory University, top student Chris abandons his bright future in the city and decides to hitchhike to Alaska to live in the wilderness. The journey to Alaska is full of danger and hardship, but at the same time excitement and a closeness to nature develops, a feeling he could never attain in city jungle of skyscrapers.